Hosted about pages for allows you to create about pages for yourself, your company or even your cat with a quick to use visual editor


Point and click editing

Create rich about pages with embeds, images and widgets. No technical experience required, and incredibly quick to create & update

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Flexible & Powerful

Use your Deets page to let the world know all about your achievements, or use it as a way for people to send you an email without revealing your contact details. Deets is versatile and powerful

Create Deet For Free

Core Features

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

Visual Editor

Create your page and as you're editing it get realtime feedback on excactly how your Deets page will look

Custom Domain

Don't want to use a URL? No problem - you can use a custom domain on any deets page

You, not us.

No massive Deets branding on your about page. We think the focus on your deets should be you.

What our customer have to says

I've used Deets to create my about page and I was surprised just how quick it was to setup and without knowing anything techy it looks great!


Rebekah Jordan

Board Game Cafe Owner

I always felt the likes of Linkedin was too busy to link possible clients to - with Deets I can have a personal and friendly about page that I can easily link to from twitter etc


Sarah Nethersole

Freelance Artist

Deets was created out of a desire to make the whole process of making about pages easier and faster and if I do so say so myself, I think we've done just that!


Rob Clarke

Deets Co-Creator

It's time to take back control

Deets is your page and with your page you remain in complete control. No adverts, no 'suggestions' - just the content you want displayed under your name.

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