Producer/Lyricist/DAW Engineer
Thought Provoking Conscious Hip-Hop/Alternate Artist/Creator

ALLERGIC TO BULLSHITIndependent Record Label & Publisher is a group of innovative, up & coming conscious artists from many countries across the pond collaborating using Discord. I support the group in promoting, distributing & marketing their artwork.

ALLERGIC(Zimbabwe born, U.K. based D.A.W. Engineer/Producer/Recording Artist)

 Almost my whole family are musical so it became quite the contagious habit from my early childhood. Since I was young I pondered the process required for a song to actually get to my ears through the speakers. It intrigued me and I wished that someday i would be involved in it's creative process. Living in West Yorkshire, England, I enjoy experimenting with different genres and transforming them into something completely different. Sometimes I just throw sounds at the wall and see what sticks. The music I have released to date is just the tip of the iceberg... I have accumulated so many musical works over my years of study and I am extremely exited to share my newest creations. My Dream and life's goal now is to produce high quality conscious lyrical content that rivals the "professional" music industry's puppets & agents of indoctrination. I am intent on filling the musical void with only the most conscious lyricists featuring on my songs.  #redpillmusic #ipr #autohoax 

A.T.B. showcases unique artists and provides them with a platform to learn how to mix & master their personal productions as well as collaborate, share their knowledge and teach others.

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