Daniel Nethersole
Hello! I'm a creator at heart and I've worked on many projects through the past 15 years of software development. I'm always excited by new technology and new ways of doing my job. 

Current Projects

Summerford is a survival horror video game set in the English countryside in the 1980s, with a healthy but not obsessive influence from the likes of Silent Hill & Resident Evil. We're targeting a 2020 to early 2021 release date for the title and aiming for initial release on PC.

Deets.co is the website used to create this very page. It's an online 'about me' platform that allows you to create personal or company about pages that are clean, easy to use and have lots of customization options. Deets was launched in July 2020 and continues to be developed with regular improvements & feature upgrades.

Hearken.io  is a platform for collecting user suggestions and bug reports for companies. Created to be simple for the end user while providing fast accurate data for the companies that use it. Hearken continues to grow at a fast rate gaining more clients daily. 

JuxImg.com is a platform for uploading two images at once and then comparing them with a side by side slider. A small project designed for making sharing screenshots of Summerford easier, but open for everyone to use

Previous Projects

StatusCake is a website monitoring platform used by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. Alongside my business partner James we founded StatusCake and I developed the software over a 5 year period. I have since left StatusCake but it continues in the trusting hands of James and the growing team.

BookingNinja.io is a booking platform for venues, trades people and more. It was developed over a 4 month period and continues to grow with more industries and customers joining regularly. I sold Booking Ninja in 2019.

Playopolis Cafe is a board game cafe based in Rochester, Kent. Co-created with my then business partner Playopolis has continued to grow and become a very popular part of the local community, ranking in the top destinations to visit in Kent, and consistently getting 5/5 TripAdvisor scores. To refocus myself I sold Playopolis in early 2020.

I've also developed around 30 other products prior to 2014 that due to the agreements in place (and my memory) I can't disclose, but my work has been featured in the likes of the Guardian, Metro, PC Gamer and more.